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Jack Iams Bibliography

US & UK First Edition Books in Order

Jack Iams Series Character: Rocky Rockwell

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Nowhere with Music Longmans Green 1938
Table for Four Simon and Schuster 1939 Illustrated by Gregor Duncan.
Countless to Boot Morrow 1941 UK: Rich and Cowan 1942
Prophet by Experience Morrow 1943 UK: Rich and Cowan 1944
The Body Missed the Boat Morrow 1947 UK: Rich and Cowan 1949
Book set in the Belgium Congo
Girl Meets Body Morrow 1947 UK: Rich and Cowan 1950
Book setting New Jersey
Prematurely Gay Morrow 1948 UK: Rich and Cowan 1951
Death Draws the Line Morrow 1949 UK: Rich and Cowan 1951
Do Not Murder Before Christmas Morrow 1949 No British edition
A Slight Case of Scandal Lion Books 1950 Paperback originals ?
"Country Girl & Sex in Paris "!!!
The French Touch Lion Books 1950 Paperback originals ?
Cover artwork by Van Kaufman
What Rhymes with Murder ? Morrow 1950 UK: Gollancz 1951
A Shot of Murder Morrow 1950 UK: Gollancz 1952
Into Thin Air Morrow 1952 UK: Gollancz 1952
Book set in New York City
A Corpse of the Old School Gollancz 1955 US book ? Academic mystery set in Ohio

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Jack Iams Author Biography - Information About the Author
Jack Iams is a pseudonym used by Samuel H. Iams Jr who was born in 1910 and died in 1990 according to the British Library.
He is listed in Hubin and his main series character is Rocky Rockwell.
We've taken this Jack Iams bibliography well beyond the scope of Hubin to what should be a complete list of books in order. The list is compiled from the American Library of Congress and the British Library, amongst others, some books included here cannot be found in any of the national libraries.
The crime fiction titles can be found but the early British editions are rare in dust jacket, seldom seen, even online. Th elater Gollancz titles all have the dreadful yellow jackets.

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