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J.H. Wallis Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

J.H. Wallis Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Youth The Gorham Press 1907 Poetry
Testament of Windune Yale University Press 1916 Poetry
British War Poems, by an American Harrison & Sons 1916 British edition
Murder by Formula E.P. Dutton 1931 UK: Jarrolds 1932. Dust jacket 7/6
The Capital City Mystery Dutton 1932 UK: Jarrolds 1933
The Servant of Death Dutton 1932 UK: Jarrolds 1933
The Mystery of Vaucluse Dutton 1933 UK: Jarrolds 1934
Cries in the Night Dutton 1933 UK: Jarrolds 1935
Murder Mansion Dutton 1934 UK: Jarrolds 1934 as The House of Murder
The Woman He Chose Dutton 1934 No British edition
The Politician Stokes 1935 His habits, outcries and protective coloring
Once Off Guard Dutton 1942 UK: Jarrolds 1943. Also published as
The Woman in the Window, World Publishing 1944
This is a film-Tie in, photographic dustwrapper
The Niece of Abraham Pein Dutton 1943 UK: Jarrolds 1944
The Synthetic Philanthropist Dutton 1943 UK: Jarrolds 1945

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J.H. Wallis Author Biography - Information About the Author
James Harold Wallis was born in 1885 and died in 1958, he was born in America, educated at Yale and worked as a newspaperman before writing full-time.
The author is Hubin listed and most of the books in the bibliography above are crime and mystery fiction but in order to have a complete list of books by JH Wallis we've included all of his books held in the American Library of Congress and the British Library.
His early books are obviously rare as are the 1930s novels in dust jacket, British editions being much rarer than the American publications.

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