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J.A. Jordan Bibliography

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The following J.A. Jordan bibliography contains the mystery fiction books only.

As far as I am aware none of the following were published in America
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Sterne of the Secret Service Aldine 1931 Aldine War Stories #28
Death in the wind Mellifont 1935 Not dated
The Love Test Mellifont 1935 Not dated
The Gunboat Mystery As Above 1937 Not dated
The Grey Mask Gang As Above 1938 Not dated
The Haunting Shadow Mellifont 1938 Not dated
The Death Singer As Above 1939 Not dated
Night Club Murder Mellifont 1939 Not dated
Matched with Mystery Fiction House 1940 Piccadilly Novels #134. ND
The Murder Trap Mellifont 1940 Not dated
Out to Win As Above 1940 Not dated
The Devil's Eye As Above 1942 Not dated
The Murder Mask As Above 1942 Not dated
Guilty Hands Pemberton 1945 ND. Non-criminous ?
Romantic Novel Series #2

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Biography - Further Information
James A Jordan remains, like his books, a complete mystery. Any help in rectifying this situation would be appreciated.

We cannot guarantee the chronology of books published in the same year.
None of these books are listed in the English Catalogue of Books

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