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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death in Sanctuary Robert Hale 1970 No American book
Days Among the Dead Robert Hale 1971 US title: Portrait of Doubt 1974 Ace
Grave Doubt Robert Hale 1972 American publication Washburn 1972
The Pandora Feature Robert Hale 1973 No US title
Justice for Judas Robert Hale 1974 No US title
Peak Performance Robert Hale 1976 US edition 1976 St. Martin's
Death and Variations Robert Hale 1977 US edition 1977 St. Martin's
The Blood on My Sleeve Robert Hale 1979 US edition: 1979 St Martin's

Ivon Baker Biography
Ivon Baker was born in 1928 and his series character was David Meynell
The books were reprinted in England in paperback in the Keyhole Crime series
UK editions precede American first edition in all cases and UK firsts are gebuiely scarce books with most copies having gone to public librarues
The books are set in England apart from Justice for Judas which I believe is set in Israel


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