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Isobel Lambot Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Isobel Lambot Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Dangerous Refuge Robert Hale 1966
Deadly Return Robert Hale 1966
Taste of Murder Robert Hale 1966 US: Ace 1972
Perilous Love Robert Hale 1966 As Mary Turner
Shroud of Canvas Robert Hale 1967
The Queen Dies First Robert Hale 1968
Killer's Laughter Robert Hale 1968
Danger Merchant Robert Hale 1968
Point of Death Robert Hale 1969
Let the Witness Die Robert Hale 1969
Watcher on the Shore Robert Hale 1972
Come Back and Die Robert Hale 1972
Contract for Death Robert Hale 1972 As Daniel Ingham
Grip of Fear Robert Hale 1974
The Justice Hunt Robert Hale 1975 As Mary Turner
So Bright a Lady Robert Hale 1978 As Mary Turner
The Identity Trap Robert Hale 1978
Past Tense Robert Hale 1979
Runaway Lady Robert Hale 1980 As Mary Turner
Rooney's Gold Robert Hale 1984
Blood Ties Macmillan 1987
Still Waters Run Deadly Macmillan 1987 Dust jacket priced 8.95
Bloody Festival Macmillan 1991
Flower of Violence Macmillan 1992
How to Write Crime Novels Allison & Busby 1992 Non-fiction book

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Isobel Lambot Author Biography - Information About the Author
Isobel Mary Lambot was born in 1926 and died in 2001, pseudonyms include Daniel Ingham and Mary Turner.
Book collectors and readers will find this author's books reasonably priced as she's largely overlooked by most book collectors.
We've included all the books listed in the British Library catalogue.
Expect the usual problem with ex-public library copies of her earlier books.

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