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Irving Shulman Bibliography

US & UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Irving Shulman Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Amboy Dukes Doubleday 1947
Cry Tough Dial Press 1949
The Big Brokers Dial Press 1951
Square Trap Little Brown 1953 Dust jacket by H. Lawrence Hoffman
Reissued as The Flesh is Real Popular Library 1955
Good Deeds Must Be Punished Holt 1956 UK: Brown, Watson 1959
Children of the Dark Henry Holt 1956 Basis of the film: Rebel Without A Cause
Calibre, an historical novel Popular Library 1957
Velvet Knife Doubleday 1959 Duts jacket artwork by Sydney Butchkes
British edition: Mayflower Books 1963
Short End of the Stick Doubleday 1959 Short stories
Platinum High School Bantam Books 1960 Novelization of the movie
UK title? College confidential / Frederick Muller 1961
West Side Story Pocket Books 1961 A novelization. UK: Pocket Books 1967
Roots of Fury Doubleday 1961 Written with Peggy Bristol
UK: Mayflower Books 1967
Notorious Landlady Fawcett Publications 1962 UK: Frederick Muller 1962
Harlow, an intimate biography Random House 1964 U: Mayflower 1964
Bedroom Philosophers Greenleaf Classics 1965
Valentino Trident Press 1967 UK: Leslie Frewin 1968
"Jackie"! The exploitation of a First Lady Trident Press 1970
Devil's Knee Trident Press 1973
Saturn's Child Saturday Review 1976

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Irving Shulman Author Biography - Information About the Author
Irving Shulman, born 1913 and died 1995 is a Hubin listed mystery author who also wrote as Tabor Rawson.
This bibliography goes way beyond Hubin and includes all the author's books and publications held in the American Library of Congress and the British Library so a complete lits of books in order we believe.
The books are not overly rare though they are collectable, the key books in dust jacket are not cheap. British editions are much rarer.
The movie tie-ins etc are particularly collectable as the books appeal to collectors in different fields.

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