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Hammond Innes

The Trojan Horse

Collins 1940
Jacket artwork by Stead

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HAMMOND INNES scored of the successes of the spring with. Wreckers Must Breathe, one of the best novels of excitement since that popular Book Society Choice, Escape. We recommend his new novel, THE TROJAN HORSE, to every one who enjoys a really well-written thriller. The plot concerns a Diesel engine of a new type, which would bring air supremacy to whatever nation owned it. An elderly little Austrian Jew carried the idea in his head as he came to England among the stream of refugees pouring in from Europe. But the British Government had turned down his idea. Moreover, the police were after him for a murder he had not committed. But "Germany wants it, and if I told you who their agents were in this country, you would laugh at me; and so a Diesel for the Devil!" That is the case in which Andrew Kilmartin, famous K.C., finds himself involved.

Hammond Innes     Stead


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