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Hammond Innes

All Roads Lead to Friday

Herbert Jenkins 1939

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THREE men left the Black Hills for Rapid City station. Three men reached the station. But were they the same three ? Four men left Merthyr Tydvil on a rainy night. What happened to them ? A tired young man bought a railway ticket for London. He never arrived. In the City the " bears " gathered. In the inn by Water-Break-The-Neck worthless share-certificates were traded for a worthless formula. In the hills above Tre-garon the tired young man crawled out of a bog, while Peter Deveril raced a great Mercedes against time and the power that is Money. And all roads led to Friday. Here is another of Hammond Innes's " Deveril" books, full of the breathless excitement of a news-paper man's life when a front-page story breaks. The book races to an amazing climax.... But the " Evening Record " dared not print the truth.

Hammond Innes


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