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Hammond Innes

Air Disaster

Herbert Jenkins 1937

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PETER DEVERIL, ace crime reporter of the Evening Record, was detailed to investigate the mysterious crashes of the Dermidge Comets —the latest hush-hush airplanes. From the outset, Deveril felt convinced that sabotage was afoot, and following up this line of enquiry he brought off a series of brilliant scoops for hia newspaper. Story after story was splashed across the front page of the Record. A vicious attack on a girl in mid-Atlantic; a fire at the Dermidge Aircraft factory; a running fight over the roof-tops of London warehouses; a canal-side tavern that was the headquarters of a gang of dope smugglers; and a murder so ingenious that it defied detection were but a few of the episodes in which Deveril became involved. The manner in which he handled each situation as it arose is excellently narrated in this powerful, swift-moving story.

Hammond Innes


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