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Ian Stuart Series Character: David Grierson

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Ian Stuart Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Snow on the Ben Ward Lock 1961
Death from Disclosure Robert Hale 1976 Dustwrapper priced at 2.95
Murder mystery in a banking setting
Sand Trap Robert Hale 1977 Reissued by Chivers Press (1985) (large print)
Flood Tide Robert Hale 1977 Black Boards with silver lettering
A Weekend to Kill Robert Hale 1978
Fatal Switch Robert Hale 1978 Dust jacket priced 3.50 Net
Paperback reprint Keyhole Crime 1981
Pictures in the Dark Robert Hale 1979 US: Crime Club Doubleday 1986
Reprinted by Chivers Press 1984 "A Lythway Thriller"
The Renshaw Strike Robert Hale 1980
End on the Rocks Robert Hale 1981
The Garb of Truth Robert Hale 1982 US: Crime Club Doubleday 1984
The third David Grierson mystery
Thrilling-Sweet and Rotten Robert Hale 1983 US: The Crowood Press 1983
A Growing Concern Robert Hale 1987? All libraries give two dates; 1985 and 1987
US: Doubleday Books 1985

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Ian Stuart Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ian Stuart was born in 1927 according to the British Library (Trinity College Dublin Library says 1922) and he is a Hubin listed author.
The books are uncommon to rare with the usual explanation in re this publisher, very small print runs and many of thos egoing to public libraries.
We're not aware of any reprints or paperbacks (bar one noted) so readers would hav eto go with ex-library copies if price is an issue.

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