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Hyman Zore Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Passion's not for Noon Muir-Watson 1950
Cage Me a Million 1950
Love Street 1950
No Shame on Jansy 1950
Lady be Bad 1950
Black Orchid Muir-Watson 1950
Mind My Innocence Muir-Watson 1951
Old New York Muir-Watson 1951
Cover that Corpse Scion 1952
Flame Scion 1953
The Lady is a Tramp Scion 1953
Carnival of Death 1953
Savage Siren 1953
Redhead Racket 1953
What's Ya Problem ? 1953
Blue Orchid 1953
This was a Woman 1953
It's a Sin 1953
Shadow of Sin Scion 1953
Savage Siren 1953
Alibi off Broadway 1954

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Hyman Zore Author Biography - Information About the Author
Hyman Zore is presumably a house name but sadly we can find no mention of real author names in the Copyright Catalogue of the period.
Publishers are listed when we are certain of them, many of the books above are not held in the British Library other libraries often don't list the publisher, the pattern is clear though so it's safe to assume the blanks follow suit.
Book collectors actively seek all of the books listed in this bibliography, that demand, the fragile nature of the publications and thier original disposable nature means they are rare, expect them to be priced accordingly, especially when in truly collectable condition.

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