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Alan Hunter

Gently Floating

Cassell 1963
Jacket artwork by MM

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Alan Hunter

The river passed its leaden way beneath the medieval, hog-backed bridge at Hay nor, scouring the Broads of flotsam, carrying reeds, ropes, timbers, tins, bottles, back and forth with the ebb and flow, eventually to find the sea. On the night of August 4th it carried the body of the murdered Harry French, boat-builder, charter-fleet owner, widower, with a two-inch wide depression above the nape of the neck where his skull had been shattered. Superintendent Gently came to Haynor—to find a dozen suspects with cause enough to kill. John French hated his father's tyranny and was Ms heir; Archer, French's foreman, feared his employer and feared for his job; David and Jack Spelton hated the man for his greed, and his threat; Sid and Rhoda Lidney hated him because he despised them, and more.... Any one of them could have killed French. All of them knew who had—of that Gently was convinced. Their lies, evasions, even their truths, were a barricade behind which they sought to protect their own. Alan Hunter's famous detective, with all those quiet qualities of strength, reasoning and compassion that have endeared him to a host of faithful followers, here sets out to solve a brutal murder in a corner of England he and his creator know so well

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