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David Hume

Never Say Live

Collins 1942

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David Hume

TONY CARTER, ace crime reporter of the Daily Echo, maintained that success came his way because he never had to look for news. Stories made themselves when they saw him coming. Oddly enough there was another man at the distant end of the crime racket with similar views. Andy Kerry asserted that the villagers in the West End of London poured money into his lap when he wasn't looking. So when the two men found their trails becoming entangled in the crime belt it was certain that fire works were going to illuminate the underworld. Carter was sure that Kerry could make the central peg in a first-class story. Kerry was certain that Carter could neatly make the only corpse in a second-rate grave. Meet again the irrepressible Tony Carter as he saunters through the twilight world of crime, arm in arm with death, plunging from one thrill to another

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