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David Hume

Halway to Horror

Collins 1937

We interested in buying pre 1940 UK first editions in jacket
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Note: This copy inscribed by author to his parents!

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David Hume

Mr. HUME in his latest novel returns to the London underworld he knows so well. Men and women with a language unknown to the man in the street pass through the pages of Halfway to Horror, living their days in the twilight world of crime. And among them, flitting with the speed of an eagle and the dimness of a shadow, is Mick Cardby, the hereof many David Hurne thrillers. Meet the denizens of the underworld as they live, step into their lives through the pages of this book, and walk with Cardby " Halfway to Horror." A cynic once said that crime is the second largest industry in Great Britain. In this book Cardby meets the managing director of the firm !

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