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David Hume

Eternity Here I Come

Collins 1940
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Eternity Here I Come by David Hume

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David Hume

Synopsis from Eternity Here I Come by David Hume
TWENTY men at Scotland Yard had spent nearly a year trying to discover the identity of the master criminal who called himself Jonathan Wilde. When he chose his pseudonym he had forgotten that the previous owner of the name had rested from the Tyburn gallows with nothing under his feet except plenty of air. There were many odd features abcut the man's method of business. Those who worked for him mostlyended theircriminal careers by pacing a cell floor, staring through a barred window, scowling at sundry warders, and regretting everything they could remember. Those who were invited to run in harness with the redoubtable Jonathan Wilde found that a refusal usually ended with an unpleasant exit from life, and an unknown grave. Mick Cardby knew of these peculiarities when the firm of Cardby and Son received an unusual client. The man had one ambition in life—to see that Jonathan Wilde took an early breakfast, a short walk, and a long drop. He offered the firm real money to work as hounds in the gallows hunt. The story of that dramatic and highly exciting chase is told at the breakneck speed that one associates with the name of David Hume.

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