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David Hume

Bring 'Em Back dead

Collins 1936

We interested in buying pre 1940 UK first editions in jacket
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Note: This is a 3/6 jacket

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David Hume

Mick Cardby stood watching the chained men, scrutinising their faces. He was looking for one prisoner, Jean Massar. Cardby had found a strange client, had received curious instructions. "Jean Massar," said Sir Ray Weston, " has threatened to murder me. I can't feel happy until 1 know that he is on the boat, that he can never return to Europe. Go to lie de Re, and see that he leaves the country." Six hundred men filed along the quays—and Mick Cardby searched their faces in vain ! Jean Massar, murderer, master crook, was not among the prisoners. The boat was held up, and inquiries were made. The man was not found. He had escaped. From that moment the firm of Cardby and Son worked overtime. As the search for Massar continued Mick and his father plunged from one excitement to another. They told their client they would bring Massar back alive. He heard the news and laughed. "They'll never do that," he said, " because I'm going to bring the Cardbys back dead."

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