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Richard Hull

A Matter of Nerves

Collins Crime Club 1950
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Richard Hull

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IT HAD BEEN very curious looking down and wondering what my sensations were. They were not altogether what I had expected them to be and that in itself was interesting. " Interesting ? " Yes, that was the right word. The whole matter was of quite absorbing interest to me and then and there, when a more ordinary, I had almost written " a lesser " man, would have been thinking of quite different things, I made up my mind that I would not miss one single point in the—what shall I call it ?— Comedy ? Drama ? Tragedy ? There might be something of any one of those but the words were all too melodramatic. " Of the human value of the incident" would perhaps express my feelings best. I would therefore write down what I saw, what happened and above all what I felt. I would start doing that almost at once. As soon as I was free to do so, that was, for at the moment as I was looking down there were other things that I could see would have to be done first. The record, when I made it, would primarily of course be one of my activities and my sensations. But not only of mine. All the inhabitants of the half dozen bungalows that had recently been built in Losfield End would be concerned, as well as a number of other people who lived in that little-known village : " the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker." I smiled as I thought how singularly appropriate the words of the old nursery rhyme were.

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