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Hulbert Footner

Death of a Celebrity

Collins Crime Club 1938

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OUTSIDE the apartment of Gavin Dordress, the famous playwright, the cameras clicked. It wasn't often he gave a party, and celebrities were to be his guests. The first guest, famous actress Gail Garrett, arrived early, but before long she was shouting at her host: " I could kill you for the way you've used me. I could kill you . . ." In their cars and cabs coming to the party other guests were equally outspoken. Said one : "Gavin has made his way step by step through using women . . " Said another : " I hate him . . ." Another : " Im through with him and Til tell him so tonight . . " Jealousy, greed, ambition poisoned the minds of the guests that evening for was not Dordress's new play nearly ready, and did it not spell success" to all who were associated with it? The next mottling brought the dawn and . . . the death of a celebrity. Mr. Hulbert Footner has drawn some superb character studies, and the story is rich in suspense and ingenuity.

Hulbert Footner

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