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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Lead Him to Death John Gifford 1963  
Dead Man's Shoes John Gifford 1964 Green cloth, silver titles. DJ 10/6
The Source of Death John Gifford 1964  
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Hugh Windsor Author Biography - Further Information
Hugh Windsor is an author who we can find no information on. If you have any information as to his background, date of birth etc we would be pleased to hear from you and happily update this page for posterity.


WILLIE RADBURN could hardly believe his luck. He peered round the moon-lit quarry to make sure there were no Peeping Toms in sight. But the scrub-covered earth and the bright water of the pool were motionless, only the rapid panting of the girl lying beside him broke the silence.
Awkwardly he moved his body closer to her, pressing her and lifting himself to kiss her half-open mouth again. It was the very first time he'd ever had the nerve to bring a girl up to the Old Quarry and he'd had the incredible good fortune to find one who—
He twisted his head sharply as an odd, rumbling sound seemed to come from somewhere in the pool. Not three yards from where he was, a disturbance of some kind made the water heave slightly. Then, shocking in the brilliant moonlight, something shot up out of the water and he found himself watching in frozen terror as the body of a naked woman emerged waist-high and seemed to look straight at him before falling back to float on the water.

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