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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death and the Visiting Fireman Gollancz 1959
Zen there was Murder Gollancz 1960
A Rush on the Ultimate Gollancz 1961
The Dog it was that Died Gollancz 1962
Death of a Fat God Collins Crime Club 1963
The Perfect Murder Collins Crime Club 1964
Is Skin Deep Fatal Collins Crime Club 1965
Inspector Ghote's Good Crusade Collins Crime Club 1966
Inspector Ghote Caught in Meshes Collins Crime Club 1968
Inspector Ghote Hunts the Peacock Collins Crime Club 1968
Inspector Ghote Plays a Joker Collins Crime Club 1969
Inspector Ghote Breaks an Egg Collins Crime Club 1970
Inspector Ghote Goes by Train Collins Crime Club 1971
Inspector Ghote Trusts the Heart Collins Crime Club 1972
Bats Fly up for Inspector Ghote Collins Crime Club 1974
A Remarkable Case of Burglary Collins Crime Club 1975
Murder by Death Collins Crime Club 1976
Filmi Filmi Inspector Ghote Collins Crime Club 1976
Inspector Ghote Draws a Line Collins Crime Club 1979
The Murder of a Maharajah Collins Crime Club 1980
Go West Inspector Ghote Collins Crime Club 1981
The Sheriff of Bombay Collins Crime Club 1984
Mrs Craggs Crimes Cleaned Up Enright 1985
Under a Monsoon Cloud Hutchinson 1986
The Body in the Billiard Room Hutchinson 1987
Dead on Time Hutchinson 1988
Inspector Ghote His Life and Crimes Hutchinson 1989
The Iciest Sin Hutchinson 1990
Inspector Ghote and Some Others Eurographica 1991
Cheating Death Hutchinson 1992
The Rich Detective Macmillan 1993
Doing Wrong Macmillan 1994

HRF Keating also wrote as Evelyn Hervey

Evelyn Hervey Bibliography

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Governess Weidenfeld 1984
The Man of Gold Weidenfeld 1985
Into the Valley of Death Weidenfeld 1986
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