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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Halo in Blood Merrill 1946  
If You Have Tears Mystery 1947  
Halo for Satan Merrill 1948 UK: 1949 TV Boardman
Halo in Brass Bobbs Merrill 1949 UK: 1951 Foulsham
Thin Air Simon & Schuster 1954 UK: 1955 Gollancz
The Taste of Ashes Simon & Schuster 1957 UK: 1958 Gollancz

Further Information
Howard Browne, born in Nebraska 15 April 1908, also wrote as John Evans, in fact the first four books listed above are under the Evans name. His series character is Paul Pine who appears in all the listed books apart form Thin Air. He wrote fimly in the hard boiled school and is quoted as saying "I'll take Raymond Chandler over Agatha Christie any day!" He also wrote a novel  and five screenplays as well as numerous episodes for famous television series such as Cheyenne, The Virginian, Mission Impossible and many more.

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