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Howard Rigsby Bibliography

US & UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Voyage to Leandro Harper & Brothers 1939 First serialized in Argosy Magazine
Kill and Tell William Morrow 1951 UK: Frederick Muller 1954
Murder for the Holidays Wm Morrow 1951 UK: Frederick Muller 1952
Set in San Francisco
Rage in Texas Gold Medal 1953 UK: Fawcett 1956
As a Man Falls Gold Medal 1954 UK: Frederick Muler 1960
Lucinda Gold Medal 1954 UK: Fawcett 1955
Lone Gun Fawcett Publications 1955 Cover artwork by Bob Schulz
Avenger Thomas Y. Crowell 1957 Also published as Naked to My Pride
Popular Library 1958
Tall in the West Fawcett / Gold Medals 1958 As Vechel Howard
Stage to Painted Creek Fawcett Publications 1959 As Vechel Howard
Murder with Love Fawcett Publications 1959 As Vechel Howard
Murder on Her Mind Fawcett Publications 1959 As Vechel Howard
Clash of Shadows Lippincott 1959 UK: Robert Hale 1961
Set in New York City
A Time for Passion Dell 1960
Tulip Tree Doubleday 1963
Sundown at Crazy Horse Herbert jenkins 1964 Subject of a film. No US edition found
Calliope Reef Doubleday 1967 Book set in California

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Howard Rigsby Author Biography - Information About the Author
Howard Rigsby was born in 1909 and also wrote as Vechel Howard.
This is a complicated bibliography, reprints, hardback first editions, paperback originals.
We've found books not listed in Hubin or held in the Library of Congress so we hope this is a complete list of books by Howard Rigsby, if you know of any more though please do let us know.
Some of the books were reprinted in the UK by Herbert Jenkins, hardcover books in dust jacket.

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