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Howard Charles Davis Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Howard Charles Davis Series Character: Hugh Rudd - Edward Tope

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Man Who Wasn't Murdered Jarrolds 1955 Dustwrapper artist Howard Eisner
A Pistol for Miss Preedy Jarrolds 1956 Reprinted The Mystery Book Guild 1957
Child Witness Jarrolds 1957
The Night of the Funeral John Long 1958
Renegade from Russia John Long 1959 Dust jacket artwork by William Randell
The Third Assassin John Long 1959
Trouble in the Bank Ward Lock 1960
The Tortured Boy Ward Lock 1961
Murder Out of Class Ward Lock 1961
The Waxworks Spies Ward Lock 1962
Death of Laura Robert Hale 1963 Dust jacket artwork by J.P.
Perhaps to Kill Robert Hale 1963
The Big Heist John Long 1964
Dead Man's Cross John Long 1965 Reprinted by Mystery Book Guild 1966
Desperate Night John Long 1966
Murder Starts from Fishguard John Long 1966
Dangerous Twin John Long 1967
Death in the Scillies John Long 1968
And Murder Won John Long 1969
The Gunmen of Gozo John Long 1970
The Selsey Gold Robert Hale 1980
Poodle's Grave Robert Hale 1981

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Howard Charles Davis Author Biography - Information About the Author
Howard Charles Davis was born in 1909 and is listed in Hubin.
First edition books in dust jacket are uncommon, ex-library copies seem to make up a high proportion of the books that tuurn up in our experience.
Many of Howard Charles Davis' books are more espionage and thriller rather than pure crime or detective fiction.
This list of books is a complete bibliography containing every published book held by the British Library and the Bodleian in Oxford.

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