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Reginald Hill

There Are No Ghosts in the Soviet Union

Collins Crime 1987
Jacket by Val Hill

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Reginal Hill

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For Inspector Lev Chislenko, the affair began on Friday, the thirteenth of July, in a graveyard, but he did not at first think this unlucky. A man had been spotted behaving suspiciously in the Novodevichy Cemetery which is only a block away from the Gorodok Building. Chislenko answered the call and recognized the man immediately. His name was Starov and he was a black marketeer. He was also a cocky little bastard. 'What are you doing in the cemetery, Starov?' asked Chislenko. 'I like to go places where all men are truly equal,' replied Starov. 'I'm thinking of joining the Party.' 'Why are you carrying two thousand roubles?' 'It's money I've been collecting for our local old folk's holiday fund.'

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