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Reginald Hill

A Fairly Dangerous Thing

Collins Crime Club 1972
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Joe looked with growing amazement at Mr and Mrs Uppadine. Could they really be Maisie's parents? They could have passed for ninety without difficulty. No, that was an exaggeration. But the fringes of seventy certainly. They looked like each other in disguise, both small, thin, hollow-cheeked and somehow rather dusty, and they didn't seem to mind both talking at once. Toe didn't mind either. He had long since switched on " . the sympathetic-attentive look he reserved for parent-teacher meetings, and switched off the directional-hearing device which nature has fitted to human ears. All he got now was a general background babble as all over the school hall anxious, aggrieved and aggressive parents required advice, explanation and satisfaction of his colleagues.

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