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Reginald Hill

Exit Lines

Collins Crime Club 1984
Jacket by Dave Brown

We interested in buying pre 1940 UK first editions in jacket
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Reginal Hill

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It was none of his business, of course, and had the policeman merely indicated this, he would probably have felt it was no more than his own bit of pomposity deserved and let the matter drop. But when the constable said evasively, 'I'm not sure,' Sowden said sharply, 'You did breathalyse them? Or rather him? The driver? That was him there, in the waiting-room, I take it?' The constable's silence acquiesced. 'And you don't know if he's been breathalysed? Good lord, if even a dying man could smell the whisky, surely you didn't miss it? I could still smell the stuff in the waiting-room!

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