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Reginald Hill

Born Guilty

Collins Crime 1995
Jacket by Joe Partridge

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Reginal Hill

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It must have been a quiet night on the mean streets of Luton because by the time Joe finished his phoning and came out of the vicarage, a police car was already belling its way into the square. Out of it leapt a fresh-faced young constable he didn't know followed by a fat-faced one he did. His name was Dean Forton and he rated the Sixsmith Detective Agency lower than Wimbledon FC. 'What the hell are you doing here?' he said ungraciously as Joe approached. 'I found the body.' 'Must have tripped over it then/ said Forton. 'OK, let's take a look at it.' He seemed quite pleased at the prospect. First on the murder scene can get a chance to shine. But when he realized it was just a dosser, his enthusiasm faded.

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