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Hildegarde Dolson Bibliography

US and UK First Edition Books

Hildegarde Dolson
Series Character Lucy Ramsdale

The following bibliography - Checklist contains all the author's titles
She's well regarded amongst readers and collectors, only one of the mystery titles saw a UK release

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
To Spite Her Face Lippincott 1971
A Dying Fall Lippincott 1973
Please Omit Funeral Lippincott 1975
Beauty Sleep Lippincott 1977 UK: 1979 Robert Hale

Non Crime Fiction Novels

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Husband Who Ran Away Random House 1948
The Form Divine Random House 1951 UK: 1951 Hammond
A Growing Wonder Random House 1957 UK: 1957 Hammond
Guess Whose Hair I'm Wearing Random House 1963 UK: 1964 Hammond as
Adventures of a Light
Hearted Blonde
Open the Door Lippincott 1966  
Heat Lightning Lippincott 1970

Non Fiction Books

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
How About a Man Lippincott 1938 UK: 1938 Duckworth
We Shook the Family Tree Random House 1946 UK: 1954 Hammond
My Brother Adlai Morrow 1956 with Elizabeth Stevenson Ives
The Great Oildorado Random House 1959 UK: 1959 Hammond as
They Struck Oil
William Penn Quaker Hero Random House 1961 Children's Book
Disaster at Johnstown Random House 1965 Juvenile Book

Hildegarde Dolson Biography
Hildegarde Dolson was an American born author, 31 August 1908 - died 1981, had one main series character in her crime fiction novels, Lucy Ramsdale who appeared in all the books.


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