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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder at Morning Prayers Gifford 1947 Orange cloth, black titles. DJ 7/6
Circle Round a Corpse Gifford 1948  
Choose Your Own Verdict 1949  
Exit Sir Toby Belch Gifford 1950  
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Series character Timothy Drewer.


ETHEL SMITHERS started out for her new job at seven o'clock in the morning. At three-thirty in the afternoon she was still travelling. The last three hours she had spent on a shiny, thinly upholstered seat in a local line train which had crawled lethargically uphill and cautiously down dale, lingering for long intervals at deserted wayside halts. Every so often it stopped between stations, as though to get its wind or to enter into the spirit of timeless tranquility pervading the countryside through which it pursued its sluggish way. And from time to time it raised its voice in a melancholy minor note, which echoed emptily along the cuttings and was vaguely reminiscent of a cow calving. She had looked out at sloping pastures ridged like cheap dressing-gown cloth, at tangled woods, at isolated grey farmhouses, at villages straggling between folds of the hills. Apart from aimlessly drifting birds and motionless cattle there seemed to be no life anywhere. It was as though some Pied Piper had wandered through the land, drawing after him, not only the children, but their elders also. Presently she peered into the gloomy depths of a fir forest rising precipitously from the track. The close-packed trunks and impenetrable stillness awoke in her mind disjointed tales of ghosts and Little People and man-perpetrated atrocities..


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