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Georgette Heyer

Detection Unlimited

Heinemann 1953
Jacket artwork by Stein

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Georgette Heyer     Stein

"There is," observed Chief Inspector Hemingway, "a very classy decor in this case and in my experience that always makes things difficult. Squire, vicar, family solicitor, retired major— they'll all stand by one another— and they're apt to have a lot more sense than the criminal classes." The people of Thornden and Bellingham certainly stood together in their dislike for Mr. Sampson Warrenby, an upstart newcomer of no more than fifteen years* standing in the district, and a go-ahead and serious rival to the more acceptable, old-fashioned kind of solicitor, Thaddeus Dry-beck. Then Warrenby had kicked Mrs. Midgehohne's peke Ulysses off his flowerbed, and he did consistently bully his niece Mavis and generally upset his neighbours. Still, it came as rather a surprise to everybody—or almost everybody—when Warrenby was found, slumped on a wooden seat under the oak in his garden, with a bullet in his head

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