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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Spanish House Hurst & Blackett 1962
In the Event of My Death Hurst & Blackett 1964 US: Crime Club Doubleday 1964
Where is Evie Alton ? Hurst & Blackett 1968 Scottish, Welsh, Irish & Oxford libraries state "Eve" which is incorrect
After the Island Hurst & Blackett 1969 US: edition Pyramid 1971 as Haunted Island
The Red Raincoat Hurst & Blackett 1970 No copy shown in British Library listing only paperback versions
A Scent of Roses Hurst & Blackett 1971
The House Across the Water Hurst & Blackett 1972

Hester Bourne Biography - Information About the Author
Hester Bourne is a pseudonym of Molly Troke.
Some of these are borderline genre titles for this website but they are all listed in Hubin.
Collectors will not need to spend a fortune collecting a set in dust jackets but they're not common, heavy library allocation too.
American edition are noted when known, Library of Congress lists only one title.


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