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Henry Holt

Motley and Murder

Robert Hale 1945
Jacket artwork by Abbey

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HERE is a thriller which takes us behind the scenes of a big'London cabaret and into the atmosphere of mystery which surrounded Belle Stuart, the glamorous star. Away from grease-paint and spot-light, Belle was gay, human and attractive, but behind the scenes she was apprehensive. What then was the secret which obsessed her; and what shadow of tragedy later crossed her path ? Was she to be the victim of some impending crime, or was she the potential criminal ? This was the problem which faced Inspector Silver when he investigate the which arose. Henry Holt, was called in to tragic situation who is a first-class mystery writer, has never created a more intriguing story and it is made the more fascinating by his vivid splashes of colour in painting the back-stage world which he knows so well. In MOTLEY AND MURDER we have baffling problems, thrills and clever detection, skilfully blended with a pleasant romance.

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