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Henry Brinton Series Characters: John Strang & Sally Strang

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Henry Brinton Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
One Down and Two to Slay Hutchinson 1954 Paperback title: Two to Slay (1959)
Death to Windward Hutchinson 1954
Now Like to Die Hutchinson 1955
Drug on the Market Hutchinson 1956 US: Macmillan 1957
Constables Don't Count Geoffrey Bles 1957 Under the name Alex Fraser
Coppers and Gold Hutchinson 1957 US: Macmillan 1958
Ill will Hutchinson 1957
The Three Wives Geoffrey Bles 1957 Under the name Alex Fraser
Death is So Final Geoffrey Bles 1958 Under the name Alex Fraser
Bury Their Dead Geoffrey Bles 1958 Under the name Alex Fraser
An Apple a Day Hutchinson 1958 US: Washburn 1959
High Tension Geoffrey Bles 1959 Under the name Alex Fraser
The Dark Places Geoffrey Bles 1960 Under the name Alex Fraser
Rude Awakening Hutchinson 1961 Dust jacket 13s. 6d. Artwork by Biro
An Ordinary Day Hutchinson 1961 US: Macmillan 1961 as:
Apprentice to Fear
Purple - 6 Hutchinson 1962 US: Walker 1962
Can Death be Sleep? Hutchinson 1965

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Henry Brinton Author Biography - Information About the Author
Henry Brinton was born in 1901 and died in 1977, amazingly he stood for parliament in my home town in 1935.
Henry Brinton also wrote many works of a political nature and also in the field of astronomy and science.
We've included only the crime fiction titles due to the nature of this site and the interests of those who visit it.
UK first edition books in dust jacket are uncommon to rare.
American editions noted when applicable as are alternative titles.

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