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Lauren Henderson

Dead White Female

Hodder & Stoughton 1995

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Lauren Henderson

Sam Jones - young, sexy, funny and sharp enough to cut herself - lives hard, plays harder and knows London like the back of her hand. All of which are useful skills when a friend dies in mysterious circumstances... When elegant Lee Jackson is found dead the morning after a riotous London party, the verdict of police and fellow partygoers is unanimous: death by misadventure under the influence of alcohol. But her former student, sculptress Sam Jones, is not convinced. She simply cannot believe that cool, competent Lee would stumble drunkenly outside in the pitch-darkness, lose control and hit her head on a brick. What's more, Lee had hinted of a secret shortly before she died - a secret that could have sinister overtones for those concerned. Determined to discover the truth about her mentor's death, Sam sets out on an investigative trail that leads her from the dead woman's Highgate studio to a Mayfair art gallery, from a West End firm of management consultants to a high-powered merchant bank - all of which are somehow connected in a tissue of lies, corruption and sexual intrigue. And as she starts to untangle the mysteries surrounding Lee's death, Sam finds her own safety severely compromised. Dead White Female marks the debut of a highly original and exciting new talent. And Sam's outrageous observations and decidedly unusual sense of style, combined with her wicked sense of humour, make her a truly modern heroine.

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