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Lauren Henderson

Too Many Blondes

Hodder & Stoughton 1996

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Lauren Henderson

Sexy, sarcastic and stroppy as ever, Sam Jones is earning some much-needed cash as a part-time instructor at a rather dilapidated gym near Camden Market. But trouble is brewing. Muscle-bound weights instructor Derek Brewster is six foot tall, honed to physical perfection and unashamedly promiscuous. Most of the staff are in love with him, to the fury of his regular girlfriend Linda Fillman, the gym manager, whose ruthless schemes to see off any competition for Derek's affections have caused much resentment. Particularly to Lesley, the new aerobics teacher, who's making a determined play for Derek, ignoring warnings not to incur Linda's wrath. But then blondes don't come any dumber than Lesley. Unless they're mute.

Classic Crime Fiction

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