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Lauren Henderson

The Black Rubber Dress

Hutchinson 1997

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Lauren Henderson

Cool, savvy and sharp, Sam Jones attracts trouble like she does men. In her run-down Holloway warehouse, she sculpts large silver mobiles and entertains the latest in her series of unsuitable lovers; peacefully minding her own business —just as long as you don't call her Samantha. When her sculpture, Thing III — renamed Floating Planet by her agent — has its unveiling in the vast atrium of a City bank, events take a distinctly dangerous turn. Our rubber-clad heroine little suspects that soon she will find herself in the middle of a hot affair with a BMW-driving, Kensington dwelling stockbroker — the shame of it — not to mention a twisted intrigue of blackmail and drug-taking which causes more than one person's death by unnatural causes. Surrounded by anorexic Sloanes, raucous merchant bankers and a series of very expensive dinners, Sam is in a world not her own; and as the deaths increase she comes to realise that her own life is at risk.

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