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Hebe Elsna Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Hebe Elsna Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Child of Passion Hurst & Blackett 1928
The Third Wife Hurst & Blackett 1928
Sweeter Unpossessed Hurst & Blackett 1929
Study of Sara Hurst & Blackett 1930
The Price of Pleasure Amalgamated Press 1930
Strait-Jacket Hurst & Blackett 1930
The Wedding Took Place ? 1931
Other People's Fires Hurst & Blackett 1931
We are the Pilgrims Hurst & Blackett 1931
All Swans ? 1932
Upturned Palms Hurst & Blackett 1933
You Never Knew Hurst & Blackett 1933
Half Sisters Hurst & Blackett 1934
Women Always Forgive Hurst & Blackett 1934
Uncertain Lover. A novel Rich & Cowan 1935
Receipt for Hardness Rich & Cowan 1935
Crista Moon Rich & Cowan 1936
The Silver Boy and other stories Rich & Cowan 1936
People are so Respectable Jarrolds 1937
Brief Heroine Jarrolds 1937
This Clay Suburb Jarrolds 1938
Like Summer Brave Jarrolds 1938
The Wedding Took Place Jarrolds 1939
The First Week in September Hutchinson 1940
Everyone Loves Lorraine Collins 1941
Lady Misjudged Hutchinson 1941
None Can Return Collins 1942
See My Shining Palace Collins 1942
Our Little Life Collins 1942
Young and Broke Collins 1943
No Fields of Amaranth Collins 1943
The Happiest Year Collins 1944
I have Lived To-Day Collins 1944
Echo from Afar Collins 1945
Cafeteria - Hebe Elsna Collins 1946
Clemency Page Collins 1947
The Dream and the World Collins 1947
All Visitors Ashore Collins 1948
Midnight Matinee Collins 1949
The Soul of Mary Olivane Collins 1949
The Door Between Collins 1950
No Shallow Stream Collins 1950
Happy Birthday to You Collins 1951
The Convert Robert Hale 1952
A Day of Grace Robert Hale 1952
Gail Talbot : a novel Robert Hale 1953
A Girl Disappears Robert Hale 1953
The Season's Greetings H. F. W. Deane 1954 a comedy in three acts
The Season's Greetings Robert Hale 1954
A Shade of Darkness Robert Hale 1954
I Bequeth - Hebe Elsna Robert Hale 1955
The Sweet Lost Years Robert Hale 1955
Strange Visitor Robert Hale 1956
The Love Match Robert Hale 1956
My Dear Lady Robert Hale 1957
The Marrying Kind Robert Hale 1957
The Gay Unfortunate Robert Hale 1958
Mrs. Melbourne Robert Hale 1958
The Younger Miss Nightingale Robert Hale 1959
Marks Upon the Snow Robert Hale 1960
Time is - Time Was Robert Hale 1960
The Lonely Dreamer Robert Hale 1961
Vicky Robert Hale 1961 foreword Margaret Campbell Barnes
The Little Goddess Robert Hale 1961
Beyond Reasonable Doubt Robert Hale 1962
Take Pity Upon Youth Robert Hale 1962
A House Called Pleasance Robert Hale 1963
Minstrel's Court Robert Hale 1963
Unwanted Wife - Hebe Elsna Jarrolds 1963 a defence of Mrs Charles Dickens
The Undying Past Robert Hale 1964
Too Well Beloved Robert Hale 1964
The China Princess Collins 1965
Saxon's Folly 1966
Catherine of Braganza, Charles II's Queen Robert Hale 1967
The Wise Virgin Collins 1967
The Brimming Cup Collins 1967
The Love Match Collins 1967
The Queen's Ward Collins 1967
The Heir of Garlands Collins 1968
Gallant Lady - Hebe Elsna Collins 1968
The Pursuit of Pleasure Collins 1969
The Abbot's House Collins 1969
Take Heed of Loving Me Collins 1970
The Mask of Comedy Collins 1970
The Gilded Ladder Collins 1970
Sing for Your Supper Collins 1970
The King's Bastard Collins 1971
The Heir of Garlands Collins 1971
Prelude for Two Queens Collins 1972
The Elusive Crown Collins 1973
The Cherished Ones Collins 1974
Distant Landscape Collins 1975
A Link in the Chain Collins 1975
Cast a Long Shadow Collins 1976
Consider these Women Collins 1976
The Long Years of Loving Robert Hale 1981
Red-Headed Bastard Robert Hale 1981
Heiress Presumptive Robert Hale 1982
My Lover - the King Robert Hale 1982

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Hebe Elsna Author Biography - Information About the Author
Hebe Elsna is a pseudonym of Dorothy Phoebe Ansle and is listed in Hubin's crime and mystery fiction though the books are more in the Gothic genre than the crime fiction genre.
This Hebe Elsna bibliography has been a tour-de-force as we've included every publication held by the British Library and the Oxford libraries so this should be a complete list of Hebe Elsna's books in order (the order for publications in the same year as as per their listing in the British Library catalogue)

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