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Harry Stephen Keeler Bibliography

UK - US First Edition Books

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Voice of the Seven Sparrows Hutchinson 1924 US: 1928 Dutton
Find the Clock Ditto 1925 US: 1927 Dutton
The Spectacles of Mr Cagliostro Ditto 1926 DW 7/6. US: 1929 ditto
Sing Sing Nights Ditto 1927 DW 7/6. US: 1928 ditto
The Amazing Web Ward Lock 1929 Apr 29. DW 7/6. US: 1930 ditto
The Fourth King Ditto 1929 Oct 29. DW 7/6. US: 1929 ditto
Thieves' Nights Dutton 1929 UK: Mar 1930 Lock. DW 7/6
The Green Jade Hand Ditto 1930 UK: Sept 1930 Ward Lock. DW 7/6
The Riddle of the Yellow Zuri Ditto 1930 UK: Apr 1931 Lock as The Tiger Snake. DW 7/6.
The Matilda Hunter Ditto 1931 UK: Oct 1931 Ward as The Black Satchel. DW 7/6
The Box from Japan Ditto 1932 UK: Feb 1933 ditto. DW 7/6
The Face of the Man from Saturn Dutton 1933 UK: Jul 1933 ditto as Crilly Court Mystery. DW 3/6
Behind the Mask Ward 1933 Sep 33. DW 7/6. US: 1938 2 vol expanded edition
The Washington Square Enigma Ditto 1933 UK: Dec 1933 ditto as Under Twelve Stars. DW 3/6
The Mystery of the Fiddling Cracksman Ditto 1934 UK: Feb 1934 ditto. DW 7/6
The Riddle of the Travelling Skull Ditto 1934 UK: 1934 ditto. Not in ECB
Ten Hours Ward 1934 Nov 34. DW 7/6. US: 1935 3 vols expanded
The Five Silver Buddhas Dutton 1935 UK: Apr 1935 Lock. DW 7/6
The Marceau Case Ditto 1936 UK: Apr 1936 ditto. DW 7/6. Artwork Abbey
X Jones of Scotland Yard Ditto 1936 UK: Sep 1936 ditto. DW 7/6
The Wonderful Scheme Dutton 1937 UK: Jan 1937 Lock. DW 7/6
The Mysterious Mr I Lock 1937 US: 1938 2 volumes. Sept 37 DW 7/6
When Thief Meets Thief Lock 1938 Jan 38. DW 7/6
Cheung Detective Ditto 1938 Aug 38. DW 7/6. US: 1939 Dutton
Find Actor Hart Lock 1939 Apr 39. DW 7/6. Dust jacket by Abbey
US: 1940 A Portrait of Jirjohn Cobb
The Man with the Magic Eardrums Dutton 1939 UK: Nov 1939 Lock. DW 7/6 Artwork by Abbey
The Man with the Crimson Box Ditto 1940 UK: Jan 1940 ditto. DW 7/6
Cleopatra's Tears Dutton 1940 UK: Sept 1940 Lock. DW 7/6
The Man with the Wooden Spectacles Ditto 1941 UK: 1941 ditto. ECB list only Mar 42 cheap ed
The Peacock Fan Ditto 1941 UK: Mar 1942 as above. DW 7/6
The Sharkskin Book Ditto 1941 UK: 1948 as By Third Degree
The Vanishing Gold Truck Ditto 1941 UK: Oct 1942 Lock. DW 7/6
The Lavender Gripsack Ward 1941 ECB lists only cheap ed. US: 1944 Phoenix
The Book with Orange Leaves Dutton 1942 UK: Feb 1943 Ward. DW 8/6
The Bottle with the Green Wax Seal Ditto 1942  
The Case of the Two Strange Ladies Phoenix 1943 UK: 1945 Ward. Not in ECB
The Search for X-Y-Z Lock 1943 Sept 43. DW 8/6. US: 1945 as TCOT Ivory Arrow
The Case of the 16 Beans Phoenix 1944 UK: 1945 Lock. DW 8/6
The Iron Ring Lock 1944 Jun 44. DW 8/6. US: TCOT Mysterious Moll
The Case of the Canny .. Phoenix 1946 UK: 1946 Murder in the Mills
The Monocled Monster Lock May 1947 Jacket 8/6
The Case of the Barking Clock Phoenix 1947 UK: 1951 Lock
TCOT Jewelled Ragpicker Ditto 1948 UK: 1948 as Ace of Spades
Not in the English Catalogue of Books
TCOT Transposed Legs Ditto 1948 UK: 1951
By Third Degree Ward Lock June 1948 Jacket 8/6
The Murdered Mathematician Lock 1949  
The Strange Will Ditto 1949  
The Steeltown .... Ditto 1950  
The Murder of London Lew Ditto 1952  
Stand By London Calling Ditto 1953  

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Further Information
Harry Stephen Keeler, 1890 to 1967, was a prolific author with two main series characters, Angus MacWhorter and Tuddleton Trotter. His work operates in its own complex world and in nothing if not uniquely set and plotted. The bibliography is something of a mess in terms of chronology, precedence and alternative titles but we have made reference to all the se points as and when applicable.

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