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Harry Edmonds Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The North Sea Mystery Ward Lock 1930 A story of Naval Intelligence work
Red Desert Ward Lock 1931
The Riddle of the Straits Ward Lock 1931
A British 5-Year Plan Manette Press 1931
Yvonne Jarrolds 1932
Red Invader Ward Lock 1933
The Death Ship John Lane 1933 The Tradedy of the 'Valmiera'
Reprinted by Cherry Tree Withy Grove Press
The East Coast Mystery John Lane 1934
The Trail of the Lonely River Ward Lock 1934 Dust jacket artwork by Abbey
The Professor's Last Experiment Rich & Cowen 1935
Wind in the East Ward Lock 1935
Across the Frontiers Ward Lock 1936 Dustwrapper artist J.F. Campbell
The Secret Voyage Macdonald 1946
The Clockmaker of Heidelberg Macdonald 1949 The Strange affair of Hugh Brodie, Englishman
The Rockets-Operation Manhattan Macdonald 1951
The Orphans of Brandenburg Ward Lock 1953

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Harry Edmonds Author Biography - Information About the Author
Harry Moreton Southey Edmonds was born in 1891 and is included in Hubin.
Early books are rare in dust jacket and all books are regarded as collectable.
No American editions are known to us.
There are some reprints and cheaper editions, collectors should be aware of pre-war reprints which appear to be firsts, the text blocks are the same but jackets differ.

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