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Harry Arvay Bibliography

UK & US First Edition Books in Order

Harry Arvay Series Character: Max Roth

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Eleven Bullets for Mohammed Corgi 1975 Revenge for the mudered atheletes at the German olympics
US: Bantam Press 1975
The Moscow Intercept Corgi 1975 Terrorists form an alliance with Russia
US: Bantam Press 1975
The Piraeus Plot Corgi 1975 A chilling novel of espionage and murder
US: Bantam Press 1975
Operation Kuwait Corgi 1975 The Israeli SB are pitted against middle east sky terrorists
US: Bantam Press 1975
The Meirovitz Plan Corgi 1975 Is Boris Meirovitz a patriot or a spy?
Damascus Countdown Corgi 1976 A bloody and violent war could be a month away!
Togo Commando Corgi 1976 Black September & Japanese Red Army join forces
Stranglehold Corgi 1976 The Israeli Special Branch get involved with world oil supplies
The Swiss Deal Corgi 1976 Espionage and a manhunt in the Swiss mountains
Blow the Four Winds Corgi 1977 A novel of international terrorism
Triad 21 New English Library 1977
Society of Fear New English Library 1979
Not with a Silver Spoon Sharon Press 1989 Memoirs published South Africa (paperback)

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Harry Arvay Author Biography - Information About the Author
Harry Arvay, born 1925, is a Hubin listed author whose main series character is Max Roth.
The Harry Arvay books published by Corgi are all paperback original first editions, the New English Library books are hardbacks with dust jackets.
The books are easily obtained online although the two hardback books are quite uncommon, especially in collectable condition as most went to public libraries.
American editions are noted as and when published, they too are softcover first editions.
The book in this Harry Arvay bibliography are listed in order of the British Library holding when two or more books are published in the same year.

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