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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder Humane Hammond 1947 Blue cloth, black titles, Dustwrapper 8/6
ECB states actual release Feb 1948
Dead Snakes Venom Hammond 1948
Dust jacket 8/6. ECB states actual release Jan 1949
As the Devil Burned Hammond 1949 Jacket 8/6
Heat Not A Furnace Hammond 1952  
Death of a Dwarf Geoffrey Bles 1955  
Red for Murder Geoffrey Bles 1957  
Mark of a Witch Geoffrey Bles 1959  

Dust Jacket Artwork by F. Quilter

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Harold Kemp Biography - Further Information
Harold Kemp was born in 1896 and had one main series character, Jimmy Brent. Sadly this is the extent of out knowledge, if you can help us expand on this please do drop us an email.


HUGH ROSEN swung his long sleek car into the side street he claimed as his free and private parking ground and drew up at the kerb. Having collected an armful of papers from the rear seat he got out, walked back and turned into the main street. Just round the corner he halted and stood, as on most mornings for years he had stood, to gaze for a while upon the brass plate that proclaimed: Here, on the ground floor of this building, is the Office of Hugh Rosen, F.A.I., F.A.L.P.A., Estate Agent, Auctioneer, Valuer. Satisfied that no first or second floor plate equalled his own in brilliance he nodded approval, mounted three steps, and entered the building where, along a gloomy passage, he halted before another door and scrutinized a second and much smaller plate bearing similar information in somewhat abridged form and fainter lettering. Time was when this plate had taken humble place at the foot of the column outside.

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