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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Man Trap Muir Watson 1950
Bad Woman 1950
Shameless Muir Watson 195? Not in British or Oxford Library etc
Love from Las Vegas 1950
At Night I Live Muir Watson 1951
Main Drag 1951
Like Hell I Hate 1951
Get Wise on Dames 1952
Road to Hell Scion 1953
Sidewalk Serenade Scion American thriller 1953
Stop that Dame Scion American thriller 1953
What Comes Next ? Scion gangster novel 1953
Reefer Rhapsody 1953
Jittery Dame Scion gangster novel 1953
I Love the Night 1953

Cover Artist: Unknown

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Hans Vogel Author Biography - Information About the Author
Hans Vogel is a pseudonym, a house writer, of James V. Nolan - Herbert Victor Lowe - Dail Ambler - Norman Lazenby - Donald Cresswell - P. Dubrez Fawvett and Scud Keddell, information from 1950 Copyright Catalogue.
Hans Vogel's books are not included in Hubin. This list of books inj order has been compiled using all the main UK reception libraries and period copyright catalogues.
This should be a comprehensive bibliography though I wouldn't be surprised to hear of a book or two that's not listed above, if you know of any please do let us know.
The books are rare and much sought after by book collectors in this popular genre

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