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Hans Lugar Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Six Foot Deep Scion 1950
Lady, this is it ! 1951
You Don't Say ! Scion 1951
Come Out With Your Hands Up ! 1951
Handle with Care 1952
Line Up 1952
Killer's End 1952
One Way Ticket 1952
Leave it to Me 1952
The Lady Can Lose 1952
This Side Up 1952
Double or Quits 1952
The Bigger they Are Scion 1952
Midnight Sister Scion 1953
Appointment with Desire 1953
Harvest for Harpies 1953
Prelude to Passion 1953
The Marble Heart 1954
Dead Man's Millions ? ? Translated title from foreign edition. UK ?

Cover Artist: Unknown

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Hans Lugar Author Biography - Information About the Author
Hans Lugar is a house name, we've found two authors listed in a copyright catalogue, the ubiquitous Herbert Victor Lowe and George Max.
We've only included the publisher when we know for sure, unfortunately the various libraries that hold these books seldom list the publisher and the British Library, which does, only has a few of the books.
Every single book in this Hans Luger bibliography is rare, most surviving copies are now in the hands of collecotrs we presume so they seldom come to market.
If you know of another book that is not included in this list of books then please do email us the details.

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