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Hank Spencer Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Hank Spencer Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
No Face for a Killer Modern Fiction 1953
The Gallows are High Modern Fiction 1953 By Hank Stevens - re British Library
The name of the real author appears on the cover only
Bad-Luck Cutie Modern Fiction 1953
Gentleman's Relish Modern Fiction 1954
Necks of Sinners Modern Fiction 1954 Cover artowrk by Kris
Dumb Babes Don't Die Modern Fiction 1954
The Flesh Game Modern Fiction 1954
Vice Squad Modern Fiction 1954
The Crash Out Modern Fiction 1956
Shroud for a Redhead Modern Fiction 1956

Cover Artist: Unknown

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Hank Spencer Author Biography - Information About the Author
Hank Spencer is listed in Hubin and all the books above are held in the British Library but they give no author information.
The list of books above by Hank Spencer is as complete as we can make it, every possible source checked in order to make the bibliography complete, however if you know of another book then please do let us know.
All of the books are both rare and sought after by book collectors.
The artwork on most of the Hank Spencer books is attractive but not quite in the same league as some other authors, in terms of artistic quality, being brutally honest these book covers lack a certain flair which is not uncommon in this pulp paperback genre to be fair.

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