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Hampton Stone Series Character: Jeremiah Gibby Gibson

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Hampton Stone Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Corpse in the Corner Saloon Simon and Schuster 1948
Girl with the Hole in Her Head Simon and Schuster 1949 UK: TV Boardman 1958
Needle that Wouldn't Hold Still Simon and Schuster 1950 UK: TV Boardman 1958
Murder that Wouldn't Stay Solved Simon and Schuster 1951
Corpse that Refused to Stay Dead Simon and Schuster 1952 UK: Dobson 1954
A Blue Lamp Mystery
Corpse Who Had Too Many Friends Simon and Schuster 1953 UK: Foulsham 1954
Man Who Had Too Much to Lose Simon and Schuster 1955 UK: Foulsham 1955
Strangler Who Couldn't Let Go Simon and Schuster 1956 UK: Foulsham 1957 as "The Strangler"
Dust jacket is priced 10/6
Girl Who Kept Knocking them Dead Simon and Schuster 1957 UK: Foulsham 1957
UK Libraries also list a "The girl with the hole in her head"
It's on Boardman dated 1958. Dust jacket 10/6
Man Who Was Three Jumps Ahead Simon and Schuster 1959 UK: TV Boardman 1960
Man Who Looked Death in the Eye Simon and Schuster 1961
Babe with the Twistable Arm Simon and Schuster 1962 UK: Robert Hale 1964
Real Serendipitous Kill Simon and Schuster 1964
Kid was Last Seen Hanging Ten Simon and Schuster 1966
Funniest Killer in Town Simon and Schuster 1967
Corpse was No Bargain at All Simon and Schuster 1968 UK: Robert Hale 1969
Swinger Who Swung By the Neck Simon and Schuster 1970
Kid Who Came Home with a Corpse Simon and Schuster 1972

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Hampton Stone Biography - Information About the Author
Hampton Stone is a pseudonym of Aaron Marc Stein, born 1906 and died 1985, he also wrote as George Bagby.
See our George Bagby Bibliography
American editions precede in all cases and we've listed all the British editions held in the major libraries.
All of the books feature District Attorney Jeremiah Gibson and first editions in collectable condition with dust jackets whilst not rare are not common.
UK first editions rarer than American books, many having gone to public libraries.

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