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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Doppleganger Jenkins 1937 Jacket priced 7/6
Air Disaster Jenkins 1937 Jacket priced 7/6
Sabotage Broadcast Jenkins 1938 Jacket priced 7/6
All Roads Lead to Friday Jenkins 1939 Jacket priced 7/6
Wreckers Must Breathe Collins 1940 Jacket priced 7/6
The Trojan Horse Collins 1940 Jacket priced 7/6
Attack Alarm Collins 1941 DW 8/-
Dead and Alive Collins 1946 Jacket priced 7/6
The Lonely Skier Collins Feb 1947 Jacket priced 7/6
The Killer Mine Collins Nov 1947 Jacket priced 8/6
Maddon's Rock Collins Feb 1948 Jacket priced 8/6
The blue Ice Collins Oct 1948 Jacket priced 8/6
The White South Collins 1949 Jacket priced 9/6
The Angry Mountain Collins 1950 Jacket priced 9/6
Air Bridge Collins 1951
Campbell's Kingdom Collins 1952
The Strange Land Collins 1954
The Mary Deare Collins 1956
Land God Gave to Cain Collins 1958
The Doomed Oasis Collins 1960
Atlantic Fury Collins 1962
The Strode Venturer Collins 1965
Levkas Man Collins 1971
Golden Soak Collins 1973
North Star Collins 1974
The Big Footprints Collins 1977
Solomon's Seal Collins 1980
The Black Tide Collins 1982

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