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H.F. Heard Bibliography

US & UK First Edition Books in Order

H.F. Heard Series Character: Mr Mycroft Holmes

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Ascent of Humanity London 1929
The Story of the Census London 1931
These Hurrying Years Chatto & Windus 1934
The Source of Civilization Jonathan Cape 1935
The Third Morality London 1937
Training for the Life of the Spirit Cassell 1941
The Creed of Christ Cassell 1941 As Gerald Heard
Man the Master Faber 1942
A Taste for Honey Vanguard Press 1941 UK: Cassell 1942. Also as:
Taste for Murder Avon 1955
Murder By Reflection Vanguard 1942 UK: Cassell 1945
Book set in New York City
Reply Paid Vanguard 1942 Story set in California
The Great Fog & Other Weird Tales Vanguard 1944 UK: Cassell 1947
Short stories, not all crime fiction
The Lost Cavern & Other Tales of the Fantastic Vanguard 1948 UK: Cassell 1949. Some stories criminous
Doppelgangers Vanguard 1947 UK: Cassell 1948
Science Fiction "Apocalyptic Nightmare"
The Notched Hairpin Vanguard 1949 UK: Cassell 1951. Backdrop England
The Black Fox Cassell 1950 Book set in the 1870s

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H.F. Heard Author Biography - Information About the Author
Henry Fitzgerald Heard was, according to the British Library, born in 1889 and passed away in 1971.
The author is listed in Hubin's crime fiction reference book and his main series character is Mr Mycroft, that being Mycroft Holmes, Shelock Holmes pastiches, Sherlockian at least.
The first eight books in this bibliography are not included in Hubin but they are held in the British Library of Political and Economic Science along with some in the British Library, they are not works of fiction.
Unusually for a Britihs author American books preceded their English counterparts, often by some time, order duly noted above.
The American first edition books are obrtainable, online at least, is dust jackets at reasonable prices for collectable books. The UK edition however are rare, in fact in all our years dealing in rare crime fiction I can't recall us ever having one of the Cassell crime fiction titles in jacket

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