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Gwendoline Butler - Series Character Sergeant John Coffin

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Receipt for Murder Bles 1956 green cloth red lettering, black lettering is later issue
Dead in a Row Bles 1957 orange cloth black lettering, red cloth is later issue
The Murdering Kind Bles 1958 Maroon cloth silver lettering
The Dull Dead Bles 1958 brown cloth blue lettering
The Interloper Bles 1959
Death Lives Next Door Bles 1960
Make Me a Murderer Bles 1960
Coffin in Oxford Bles 1961
Coffin for Baby Bles 1962
Coffin Waiting Bles 1963
Coffin in Malta Bles 1964
A Nameless Coffin Bles 1966
Coffin Following Bles 1968
Coffin's Dark Number Bles 1969
A Coffin from the Past Bles 1970
A Coffin for Pandora Macmillan 1973
A Coffin for the Canary Macmillan 1974
The Vesey Inheritance Macmillan 1976
The Brides of Friedberg Macmillan 1977
Coffin on the Water Collins Crime Club 1986
Coffin in Fashion Collins Crime Club 1987
Coffin Underground Collins Crime Club 1988
Coffin in the Black Museum Collins Crime Club 1989
Coffin and the Paper Man Collins Crime Club 1990
Coffin on Murder Street Collins Crime Club 1991
Cracking Open a Coffin Collins Crime Club 1992
A Coffin for Charley Collins Crime Club 1993

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