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Leonard Gribble

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery

Harrap 1939
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Leonard Gribble     Football Mysteries

WITH the co-operation pf .Mr George Allison, secretary-manager of the Arsenal F.C., and of; tine 'players, Leonard R. Gribble has been given facilities for writing an entirely neiv kind of mystery-story—one which takes the reader behind the scenes of the most famous football club in the world. Here is big-time football as seen from the inside; here are national Soccer stars introduced as they really are. A well-known footballer drops dead just before half-time—murdered before 70,000 witnesses. Inspector Slade arrives at the Arsenal Stadium to investigate, and soon has two questions to answer. Who was the mysterious girl who inquired after the murdered player, and showed fright when Mr Allison mentioned the police ? Who was the last to leave the visitors' dressing-room ?

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