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Cecil Freeman Gregg

Dead on Time

Published by 1956
Jacket design by Leo Vernon

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T'S is another story of Detective Inspector UHiggins, of the C.I.D., and Sergeant Brownall, his faithful shadow and henchman, who together have solved so many cases. This case might never have started but for the ser-geant's disagreement with a coroner's jury; he gets the inspector's reluctant permission to delve further into the matter and is soon slugged for his pains. This brings Inspector Higgins on the scene with a rush. As he said at the time: 'No thug is going to attack one of my boys and get away with it'. And thereafter things begin to move at hectic speed; the inspector meets some strange characters, including a mysterious collec-tor of time-pieces whose life seems ruled by the second hand of his wrist watch. Dead on Time is a most entertaining story, full of action and leavened with the broad and occasionally grim humour for which the in-spector is famous and which has done so much to popularize the stories in which he appears. Cecil Freeman Gregg never lets you down; clues are revealed as and when they are dis-covered by the inspector; events are faithfully described one feels that they really could have happened and the story moves forward at a swift pace until it reaches its satisfying conclusion. One of the best this author has written, and thoroughly to be recommended.

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